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Restoring Racial & Social Justice in Housing

Black Lives Matter is inspiring real change, but it is the choices we make in Massachusetts that will ultimately make those changes meaningful and lasting.


We must do our part. We must do whatever we can to solve racial and social injustice in the Commonwealth.


We believe the best place to start is with our housing policies. MHC’s Restoring Racial & Social Justice in Housing Petition begins this movement and demands that:


  • State and local leaders should end the legacy of discrimination brought on by the Not-In-My-Backyard (NIMBY) movement
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should build more housing for those who need it and help stop the housing crisis by creating homes in every neighborhood throughout the state
  • Massachusetts’ elected officials should stop the discriminatory zoning practices that are favored by the NIMBY movement and create housing that is designed around 21st Century needs


We need your voice to make these changes a reality. Sign our petition today!



What Does the Restoring Racial & Social Justice in Housing Petition Say?


Download a PDF version of MHC’s Restoring Racial & Social Justice in Housing Petition Here


We, the citizens and residents of Massachusetts, petition the Governor, the Great and General Court, and all 351 incorporated municipalities of the Commonwealth to respectfully demand that the Commonwealth and its municipalities deliberate in each of their respective administrative and legislative bodies the following principles and policy changes; determine the method and manner that such principles and policy changes can be implemented within their jurisdiction with all due speed; and make publicly available the results of such deliberations as soon as practicable.


Who is MHC?


The Massachusetts Housing Coalition (MHC) is a non-profit organization formed by tenants, homeowners, small business owners, and property owners who believe addressing our housing crisis in Massachusetts with the same old policy ideas only worsens the quality of life in our state while doing nothing to address skyrocketing costs.


By tearing down the artificial barriers to housing created by the failed policies of the 20th Century, our organization is leading the fight to stop NIMBY-ism from further crippling our municipalities and demanding that our state finally build more housing where it is needed the most.


Join us by signing the Housing NOW petition or become a member of MHC at masshousingcoaltion.org


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