About MHC

We are a non-profit organization founded by Massachusetts residents, tenants, homeowners, and property owners that believe in making a direct impact to those in need of affordable and accessible housing as well as meeting the needs of those individuals adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to expand housing opportunity, help create sustainable zoning policies, and fight against NIMBY-ism across the Commonwealth. MHC is deeply committed to promoting these principles in a smart growth housing environment that supports economic, racial, and social equity.

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We believe that we must address housing policy changes immediately to help increase production, decrease regulation, and encourage market opportunity to build a brighter future of tenancy and homeownership for those who need living space as a matter of survival for themselves and their family members. 




Our laws and local regulations must evolve to recognize the changing landscape of land use and avoid regulations that have historically promoted inequality. We must be responsive to a new century of demand for housing that is affordable not just for the highest income levels.



Restrictive and discriminatory zoning laws, regulations, and practices have slowed production to such an extent that housing inequality and insecurity has become common place for many Massachusetts residents. We must do better for our residents and for the people that need our laws to work for them, not against them.



Our advocacy focuses on reconstituting housing in a way that mitigates the effects of climate change, recognizes that reliable and accessible transportation options are an integral part of developing sustainable housing, and develops local zoning that reflects the actual needs of our residents.