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MHC is a 501c4 charitable organization founded by Massachusetts residents, tenants, homeowners and property owners that believe in making a direct impact to those in need of affordable and accessible housing. MHC is a strong voice for positive change and actively promotes pro-housing initiatives as well as educate residents on the zoning and regulatory changes that are needed to improve the quality of life in the Commonwealth for families and businesses.

Our mission is to protect access to affordable and workforce housing options in Massachusetts by promoting economic fairness and advocating for sustainable and smart growth housing along with transportation infrastructure that supports residents and vulnerable populations


Far too many barriers are contained in local zoning ordinances that prevent or deny access to housing for residents at every income level, but especially for those in the most need of assistance. We believe that we must address housing policy changes immediately to help build a brighter future of tenancy and homeownership for those who need living space as a matter of survival for themselves and their family members.


Our 351 distinct communities must maintain diversity to ensure the vitality that has made the Commonwealth one of the most attractive places to live, play and work. Restrictive and discriminatory zoning laws, regulations, and practices have slowed production to such an extent that housing inequality and insecurity has become common place for many Massachusetts residents. We must do better for our residents and for the people that need our laws to work for them, not against them.


State laws, agency regulations and municipal zoning should no longer be used to limit options for affordability, nor should they be a tool that rigidly enforces outdated ways of thinking around housing. We believe that laws and local regulations must evolve to recognize the changing landscape of land use and be responsive to a new century of demand for housing that is affordable not just for highest income levels..

Smart Growth.

Our housing policies in Massachusetts are more suited to a 20th Century mindset. They do not reflect the demands of this century, nor do they appropriately contemplate the next. Our advocacy work will be geared toward driving change at the state and local level to reconstitute housing regulations in a way that helps respond to and mitigate the effects of climate change, recognizes that reliable and accessible transportation options are an integral part of developing sustainable housing, and develops local zoning that reflects the actual needs of our residents and not the perceived needs of a privileged few.

Join Us.

We believe that, historically, housing regulations have served to restrict growth and inequitably favored financially capable individuals instead of prioritizing those who need affordable housing most. We must reverse this trend to increase overall housing supply, thus reducing average prices and increasing overall access.

The membership of the Massachusetts Housing Coalition is therefore a voice for positive change to our current housing policies, will actively promote legislative initiatives that are complementary to our core values, and educate residents on the land use changes, zoning initiatives, and regulatory factors that will affect the quality of life in the Commonwealth. Our strong advocacy for more housing co-exists with public, non-profit, and private development initiatives which we see as critical to facilitating affordability and creating housing at all price points.

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